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Equipping and Empowering Young Adults to Prevent and Fight Abuse

Learn the Signs of Toxicity in the Relationship Before It’s Too Late

One defining sign of an unhealthy relationship is domestic violence. Spotting and correcting the early signs of toxicity in the relationship is important to completely prevent domestic abuse from happening and ruining someone else’s life.

At Renee J. Bradley Foundation for Domestic Violence, we are committed to educating and mentoring young adults all over New Jersey to be fully aware of the lasting, negative impact of domestic violence. Contact us today to learn more.

About Our Organization

Renee J. Bradley Foundation for Domestic Violence is a legal entity of the Cathedral International Community Development Corporation in Perth Amboy, NJ. The foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing domestic violence from happening in as many young people’s lives as possible. We aim to properly equip the youth with the knowledge needed to see the signs of domestic violence as well as impart the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship.


Our Founder’s Story

On the morning of July 6, 2006, 3 days after her 42nd birthday, Renee was tragically murdered by her ex-boyfriend. The man who once said he loved her was the same man who had cut her throat from ear to ear. The only thing she wanted to do that morning was go grocery shopping. Never did Renee think that he would be waiting outside of her own house just so he could end her life. She didn’t have a fighting chance.

Renee was a mother, grandmother, godmother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, and so much more to many people. She loved kids and enjoyed cooking as well as having a good time. The loss of Renee would forever change the lives of her children, family members, friends, and everyone she came in contact with. This grievous loss led to a strong determination of her family to keep her legacy alive.

With the support of the Cathedral International, this foundation was created and established by Renee’s son, Siyan Bradley. This organization is intended to honor Renee’s life and legacy by actively engaging people to stop domestic violence through awareness programs on prevention and education.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach, mentor, and educate young adults, specifically young adults of color about the importance of healthy relationships. Additionally, we aim to make them aware of the signs of domestic violence.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to completely prevent domestic violence from happening. To do this, we will equip young adults with the strength, compassion, love, and education they need in order for them to be fully aware of the repercussions of domestic abuse.

Our Foundation Goals

  • To mentor and coach young adults about the dynamics and realities of healthy relationships
  • To educate young adults about the unhealthy impact of many societal socialization norms regarding various gender roles and expectations
  • To educate young adults of color about the cultural dynamics and realities of domestic violence and healthy relationships
  • To increase prevention and awareness of domestic violence in the lives of young adults through preventive education, seminars, and resources
  • To help support children of domestic violence victims by establishing a scholarship fund for them
  • To provide a safe place for young adults to dialogue and receive trained peer or professional counseling for abuse or domestic abuse 

Our Core Pillars

The four pillars that we uphold are:

              • Prevention
              • Education

          • Awareness
          • Solution

Our Commitment

Our hope is to bring an end to domestic violence. This foundation will work with the local community leaders, churches, and even organizations to bring that goal to fruition. We believe that strength, compassion, love, and education are relationship-changing, life-saving keys.

Our Board of Directors

Founder and Visionary

Siyan Bradley

President / Executive Director 

Nicole Bradley

Treasurer and Secretary 

Aquillah Bradley

Board Members

Mrs. Lora McLeod

Mrs. Ruth Parker

Mrs. Esther Paden

Dr. Kimberly Shamberger

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